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4 Advantages of Using Vinyl Stencils

4 Advantages of using Vinyl Stencils

Some dislike using stencils for personal projects due to how hard it is to work with normal stencil sheets. Though, if one were to use vinyl stencils, their opinions on stenciling may change. So what are some advantages to using vinyl stencils? Some advantages to using vinyl stencils are it has no bleeding, it gives crisp lines, they stick directly to the surface, and there are centering circles are stars for easier application.


Sticking directly to the surface

The stencil sticking directly to the surface is the biggest advantage. When a stencil sticks directly to the surface it will not move from its place. So, you will not have to worry about the stencil sliding around as you try to fill your design in. All of the other advantages are also thanks to the stencil sticking directly to the surface.


No Bleeding

When using normal stencil sheets that do not stick, it is very easy to accidentally make paint bleed through. If there is too much paint applied, they will go underneath the stencil leaving unwanted marks. Now, when you use vinyl stencils, they stick directly to the surface you are wanting to put a design on. Since it sticks, there is less of a chance of bleeding since there is no space between the stencil and the surface.


Crisp lines

When peeling the stencil up, it will be clean crisp lines. There is no worry about a wavy, wobbly line as there is no worry about painting over the stencil. As long as you peel up when the paint is completely dry, it will not look like the art was hand-painted.


Centering circles and stars

Centering circles and stars is something that we do to help center your piece. On the edge of your stencil, it will have circles to line up the art perfectly in the middle. If your stencil is big and has multiple layers, there will be stars to overlap on each stencil so that they are perfectly aligned. This makes it easier if you want the stencil in the center of a surface and need a point of reference as to where the center is.


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