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5 Reasons Why Our Stencils Are Worth It

If you have been looking for a stencil supplier, then you have come to the right place. Here are five reasons why our vinyl stencils will be worth purchasing.

Starting off, our stencils were created with the idea of being used on sports surfaces. Initially meaning, that these stencils are perfect for indoor and outdoor purposes. Even if you would just like to use the vinyl as a sticker, that can definitely happen as well. We have made stencils for many companies in the past such as Nike, U.S. Soccer Foundation, and more.

Our stencils are also extremely durable. Like mentioned before, they were designed to be used on sports surfaces. Our stencils will stick to the ground and not slide around as long as it is on the proper surface. Luckily, if you are unsure if your surface will work with our stencils, we do offer a small sample sheet to send to you to try out before making your big purchase. Click here to view our sample page. You are able to use mostly whatever you would like to paint the stencil.

The stencils are completely customizable. From the size to the design. Of course, our vinyl is only so big. But we have a way of making multiple panels and an easy way to line them up perfectly so that there is no fear of your art not being aligned correctly. We would also need to have a vector file for your art so we can resize it to whatever you would like. Don’t have a vector file? No problem! As long as you have a concept piece of what you would like, we can create a vector file for you for an additional fee.

Sports surfacing can be a ton of different surfaces. This means some may be easier to stick on than others. We got that problem covered. We offer two kinds of vinyl available. Low tac and normal tac. If you have a wooden floor that you would like a stencil for, we also have a low tac vinyl, so it is easier to remove! The choice is yours. You would just need to mention it to us when we are talking about your quote.

Last but not least, our stencils do not bleed through. Since they stick directly to the ground, the paint should not travel underneath the vinyl. The only way this would happen is if the vinyl was not completely stuck to the ground. We understand that what people hate most about stenciling is the fear of paint bleeding through and having to restart or deal with the mistake. With vinyl stencils, you should never have that fear again.