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Stencil Masters FAQ

What do I need to receive a quote?

When requesting a quote please be sure to have this information:

  • The image that you want the stencil made of
  • (Approximate) Dimensions of the stencil
  • Is it one color or will you need multiple masks?
  • Are you able to provide a vector file?
  • What color is the surface that the stencil will be placed on?

We may ask for more additional information.


Can I reuse the stencil?

No, the stencil is a one-time-use only.


How is the stencil applied?

There is a YouTube video explaining how to apply our stencils.


Can the stencil stick to any surface?

Our stencils do not stick to any surface; however, our stencils do stick to most sport court surfaces such as painted surfaces, acrylic-based surfaces, smooth floors, slightly textured floors, clean concrete, basketball courts, tennis courts, wood floors, and polyurethane floors. Some surfaces we do not stick to are rubber, uncoated asphalt, and most track surfaces.

If you are unsure or have questions about your type of court, please give us a call or email us below

(407) 865-7428



When is the fastest I can receive the stencil?

We normally take 10-12 business days after receiving payment to create your stencil. Shipping time is estimated to take 5 days. This number may be affected by holidays and/or by the mail carrier themselves. If you need a stencil sooner, please contact us and we will accommodate you to the best of our abilities.


What if I have no artwork?

We do need a concept of what you would like. We may be capable of creating the artwork for you for an additional fee.


Can you make stickers?

We can make decals. We only have one kind of vinyl that is white. We do not print colored stencils or stickers. If you would like a car decal or sticker that is completely white, we can definitely do that.


Do I need a vector file?

A vector file is not required, but it is helpful. If you do not have a vector file but you have an image of the picture you would like, we can create a vector for you for a small fee.


Why vinyl stencils?

Vinyl stencils allow for a crisp line and minimal paint bleeding. If you use our vinyl stencils, you do not need to worry about the stencil sliding around. This also allows for easier installation if you are applying to walls or other surfaces.


What if the vinyl is too sticky for our surface?

We have two types of vinyl. We have temporary vinyl, which is perfect for normal sports courts. Then we have low tac vinyl, which is preferred for wooden surfaces.


What are your office hours?

Monday – Friday 9AM – 5PM

(407) 865-7428