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What is a vetor file and why should I have one?

When you’re ordering a stencil from us, you do not need a vector file. Though having a vector is highly preferred, we could make one for you for an additional cost.

A vector is basically an outline of your logo. They are good for resizing your logo or graphic to any size. These file types are normally ESP, AI, and PDF. A PDF is a special case depending on how the original image was. A normal image would not be as effective is because normal images such as a JPG and PNG are made out of colorful blocks, or otherwise known as a raster image. This just means that when you resize the image, your graphic will come out blurry and not a clear sharp image.

The left image is a vector while the right side is a raster image. Notice how the vector is more of a sharp image.

Most printing companies need a vector file so that it is capable of being resized to any size you would like it to be. When a raster image is resized, it will get blurry and pixel-y. Most printing companies also need sharp lines so the program knows where it will be cutting or printing in high quality.

So how do you get a vector file? There are services all over google for getting your graphic vectorized. If you would like to try to vectorize it yourself you could try and look up programs for free. If you are purchasing a stencil from us, we could also create a vector file for you for an additional fee.