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Custom Cut

Vinyl logos

Stencil Masters creates custom vinyl stencils for the application of logos onto any sports surface.
Using a special blend of vinyl and transfer paper we are able to significantly reduce the amount of paint bleeding, reducing installation time by hours.
There are a variety of things for which these stencils can be used, from painting logos onto sports surfaces to branding your own company vehicles.


Official stencil provider for US Soccer Foundation and APT – Advanced Polymer Technology

Our company has been installing logos on sports surfaces since 1993. Our tested vinyl stencils have been proven to stick the best to sports surfaces. This results in more efficient installations, fewer touch ups and crisp lines.

What our Clients Think

"We were really pleased with how well the logo stencil material worked!
This surface is very rough and it still made for a nice logo."
Lee Murray
Competition Athletic Surfaces

Recent Work

We have provided hundreds of stencils to the U.S. Soccer Foundation, Nike, and the USTA.

We have also produced stencils for different universities as well as parks and recreation departments for several cities.



Vinyl is a convenient tool with which logo installations onto basketball, soccer, tennis and other sports courts are made easier. In the past, logos could be installed by paper stencils or by hand. Once our company started working with vinyl, many trials were done to find the best vinyl to allow for crisp lines and minimal paint bleed. We have a lot of experience with temporary vinyl, which generally works best for logo installations onto walls or acrylic based courts.

Windows, Walls &

Vehicle Branding

Along with court stencils, we have branched out into making decals for company vehicles and we are able to create different logos as a way to brand the windows or walls of businesses.

Contact us for more information about vehicle or window / wall branding.